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Dental Resources

Before you even step into the dental office for treatment you may have questions or feel more comfortable by reading about oral health - and the connection to your overall physical health.

Browse this section for practical information, tools, resources and the latest dental news to help you learn more about dental health, the latest treatments available and even the types of oral health research being conducted. This research is contributing to the future of dentistry - and ultimately to your health.

Dental Health News

News articles on all aspects of dental health including infant dental care, procedures and treatments and dental problems and solutions

Online Resource Sites

Find links to oral health sites, dental research studies and tooth decay risk assessment surveys.

Partners in Health eNewsletters

Partners in Health is a monthly member eNewsletter by Kaiser Permanente, sent via email to members who are signed up on kp.org. Dental articles are included, along with other health information and local news and updates.

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