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General Information


With Kaiser Permanente, you have access to affordable dental care with an emphasis on prevention. We own and operate our dental offices and set our own quality standards for the care you receive. We practice evidence-based dentistry, which stresses evidence from clinical research as a basis for treatment choices. Our AAAHC accredited dental program is committed to providing the highest levels of quality care for patients.

If you have a Traditional dental plan, Individuals and Families dental plan1, or are enrolled in Advantage Plus2, you’ll see our own dentists in our offices. If you have the Dental Choice PPO plan or are part of the Healthy Smile discount program, you can select one of our dentists, or one in the participating provider network.

When you’re a patient at one of our offices, most members pay copayments, coinsurance, or both when they receive care. Payment is due at the time you receive care. We'll provide an estimate of the cost of your next visit when you make an appointment in the dental office. You can find out how much your coinsurance and copayments are by looking at your Summary of Benefits.

Contact Member Services


(TTY toll free for the hearing/speech impaired)

Language interpretation toll free
seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Your First Visit

Your first visit is an opportunity to meet your Kaiser Permanente dentist. Your examination will include:

  • diagnostic X-rays
  • gum disease evaluation
  • tooth decay assessment
  • head and neck cancer screening
  • blood pressure check

After your exam, your dentist will go over the results with you and ask you about your dental and medical history. Your dentist will talk with you about any treatment you need and discuss your hygiene needs. Each time you return for care, we want you to see your personal dentist.

Urgent & Emergency Care

Please remember: If you need emergency or urgent care, you may have to pay $25 in addition to your normal office visit charge. See your summary of benefits for a description of your urgent and emergency care benefit.

Urgent Care

Urgent Conditions Include:

  • toothaches
  • chipped teeth
  • broken fillings that cause irritation
  • swelling around a tooth
  • If you need urgent care, call the Appointment Center

Emergency Care

Emergency Conditions Include:

  • bleeding that does not stop
  • severe swelling or infection that makes it hard to breathe or swallow
  • severe traumatic injury
  • In a dental emergency, call the Appointment Center

How To Get a Prescription Filled

If you have a prescription drug benefit under your medical plan, you may be able to save money and time by having your dental prescriptions filled at one of our conveniently located pharmacies.

If you're not covered for dental prescriptions, you may still use our pharmacy services. Our prices are competitive with those in the community, and our pharmacists are available to answer your questions. Our pharmacies accept cash, checks, and VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards.

You can also refill prescriptions online. Most Kaiser Permanente members with prescription drug benefits under their medical plan can get a three-month refill of maintenance prescriptions through our Mail-Delivery Pharmacy for two copayments.

When you're away from home:

If you have a dental emergency outside the service area, go to the nearest dental care facility. You have limited coverage for qualifying emergency care.

NOTE: Care at facilities not owned by Kaiser Permanente is covered only if you experience a dental emergency as described above and you are outside the service area. Follow-up care and care for urgent conditions are covered only when provided in a Kaiser Permanente dental office.

Language interpretation services

We provide free language interpretation services.

To use the service, call 1-800-324-8010 (toll free) and tell the person who answers what language you speak. They will arrange for an interpreter to join the call.

TTY users may call 1-800-735-2900 (toll free for the hearing/speech impaired).

Other Services

Denture Services
For denture services, you need a referral from your Kaiser Permanente dentist. If you have an emergency, such as a broken denture, contact the Appointment Center for a same day appointment at your dental office.

Orthodontic Services
Orthodontic services are available at several of our dental office locations. Visit our dental directory to find one in your area or ask your dentist for more information.

TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) Services
TMD services are available at the Interstate Medical Office Central. They are covered under your Kaiser Permanente medical plan. Call 503-331-5120 for more information.

Affordable Oral Hygiene Products

Each Kaiser Permanente dental office carries a complete line of quality dental products such as toothpaste, fluoride rinse, and dental floss. You may buy these at our cost. Your dentist or dental hygienist will explain which dental care products are best for your needs.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Avoiding the expense and suffering caused by illness and injury is a team effort. In addition to treatment and follow-up care, we emphasize preventive care and education to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You have certain rights to these services.

The idea that healthy living is a "team effort" between members and Kaiser Permanente is clearly described in our handout, Member and Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Read more about your rights and responsibilities.

  1. Available only to Washington and Oregon Service area residents who have the Kaiser Permanente Individual and Family medical plan.
  2. To be eligible for Advantage Plus you must be enrolled in a Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage medical plan.
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