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Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals & Families Plan

What is the new Kaiser Permanente Individuals and Families Dental Plan?

This product was designed with prevention in mind. The three plan designs have no waiting period for use of benefits, have no annual benefit maximum and are competitively-priced for the individual and family market.

Who can choose the new plan?

The plan is available to existing Kaiser Permanente Individual & Family medical plan members who reside in our Washington and Oregon Service areas and who do not have a dental plan with Kaiser Permanente.

How do the plans work?

Members access our participating dentists and specialists, pay plan co-pays and receive treatment in our 17 dental-office service area - just as our Traditional dental plan members.

How do I make my first appointment?

See our "Getting Care" page for all details on selecting a dentist and making your first appointment.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

  • Diagnostic X-rays.
  • Gum disease evaluation.
  • Tooth decay assessment.
  • Head and neck cancer screening.
  • Blood pressure check.

After your exam, your dentist will go over the results with you and ask about your dental and medical history. Your dentist will talk with you about any treatment you need and discuss your hygiene needs.

What about state employees or retirees, am I eligible for the plan?

At this time, the plan will only be offered to existing Kaiser Permanente Individual and Family medical plan members residing in our Washington and Oregon Service areas, and not to those with group coverage. In other words, the plan was not designed to be offered as a stand-alone dental plan – it must be elected in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente Individual and Family medical plans.

I have an adult child who will be ineligible for my health plan soon. Is this an option?

The plan is an option for Washington and Oregon Service area residents who also select a Kaiser Permanente Individuals and Families medical plan.

I'm Medicare-eligible. Can I select this plan?

Kaiser Permanente has dedicated plans for Medicare-eligible members. See Medicare plan information. If you select a Senior Advantage Individual medical plan, you are eligible to enroll in the Healthy Smile program for Senior Advantage members. This is a discount dental program specifically for Senior Advantage members.

What happens if I decide to drop my Kaiser Permanente Individual medical coverage – do I also lose my individual dental plan as well?

No, members who are enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente Individuals and Families dental plan will be able to keep dental coverage should they elect to discontinue Kaiser Permanente Individuals and Families medical plan.

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