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About The Kaiser Permanente Dental Care Program

Since beginning in 1974 with one office, the Kaiser Permanente Dental Care Program has grown to 17 dental offices that serve more than 200,000 members in the Portland-Vancouver metro area, Longview, and Salem. It is now one of the largest group-practice dental programs in the country.

In early 2012, we became the first in the Northwest – and third in the nation – to attain dental home accreditation for all 17 of our offices.

More than just your smile.

We believe that dental health is an important part of your overall health, that poor dental health can cause serious health problems in other parts of your body. And because our accredited Dental Care Program is attached to a comprehensive medical care system, we offer integrated health care, often helping to catch potential physical conditions before they become serious health issues.

Our Name

The term Kaiser Permanente Dental Care Program is a name convention. The “Program” is actually comprised of two legal entities which, through cooperative and mutually supportive management efforts, account for its progressive growth and development over the years. These entities are:

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  • Learn more about PDA and how to join PDA's team of general dentists and specialists.
  • Learn how to join Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of the NW as a Registered Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, or other various professional/administrative positions in the Dental Program. See the Kaiser Permanente Careers Website for openings.

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