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Dental Plans and Services

Prospective Members

About Our Dental Plans and Services

We offer a variety of dental plans and services:

Our Traditional Dental Plan

The plans are structured to fit the benefit design preferences and price ranges of small and mid-large businesses. All of them have deductible options, and orthodontia coverage can be added to any plan.

More on our Traditional Dental Plan

Dental Choice Participating (PPO) Plan

Oregon and Washington groups with a minimum of 2 members may purchase Dental Choice, our participating provider organization (PPO) plan. This plan offers members a lower out-of-pocket cost, with no balance billing when seeing an in-network provider. With a buy up option, members can choose to add a safety net that helps reduce costs from out-of-network providers. Participation and underwriting guidelines are similar to our traditional Kaiser Permanente managed care dental plans.

Employers can choose to provide both a traditional plan and the Dental Choice PPO plan. This side-by-side option gives your employees more flexible benefit and contribution levels. The fee schedule for Dental Choice is 20 to 50 percent lower than usual and customary charges in your area. This means that on average, your employees’ out-of-pocket costs will be lower. All preventive, basic, and major services are covered. Periodontics and endodontics are covered at 80 percent, with no waiting periods. These plans have deductible options and can utilize Kaiser Permanente’s orthodontia coverage.

More on our Dental Choice PPO Plan

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Already a Dental Choice (PPO) member? Login to Web Member Services to view your enrollment summary, submit/view a claim, request a card and more.

Individuals & Families Dental Plan

Our newest dental plan offers three plan designs for families and individuals who are current or prospective Kaiser Permanente Individuals and Family medical plan members residing in our Washington and Oregon Service areas. These plans focus on prevention, are competitively priced, and have no annual benefit maximums. Orthodontia, urgent and emergency care are covered.

More on our Individuals & Families dental plan

Contact an Individuals & Families Plan Representative

Advantage Plus Supplemental Package

Add affordable dental, hearing aids and extra eyewear benefits to your Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage (HMO) individual medical plan.

More on our Advantage Plus supplemental option.

Healthy Smile (Discount Program)

The Healthy Smile Program for individuals and families is a “reduced fee” dental program. Healthy Smile is not insurance, the program is designed for health-conscious consumers looking to maintain their oral health and minimize their dental care expenses. Unlike insurance, there are no benefit maximums and virtually no paperwork. Card holders select a provider from the DenteMax network or a Kaiser Permanente Dental Provider and set up an appointment. Providers who participate have agreed to accept a reduced fee as payment in full for each service performed.

More on our Healthy Smile Discount Program

Contact a Healthy Smile Representative or Enroll Online

Cosmetic Dental Services

The Kaiser Permanente Dental Care Program also offers cosmetic dental services on a fee-for-service basis.

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