Your First Visit

In addition to getting to know your Kaiser Permanente dentist, your first exam will include:

  • diagnostic X-rays
  • gum disease evaluation
  • tooth decay assessment
  • head and neck cancer screening
  • blood pressure check

After your exam, your dentist will share the results and ask about your dental and medical history. Your dentist will also talk with you about treatment and hygiene needs. Each time you return for care, we encourage you to see your personal dentist.

Your Child’s First Visit

We recommend that your child’s first dental visit take place within six months of eruption of the first tooth, or by age 1. The first visit will be a relaxed, get-acquainted experience. A dental assistant will take your child to a dental care station to teach how to brush and floss. The assistant will also apply fluoride and take dental X-rays if necessary. Then a dentist will finish the visit by examining your child.